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Dye Penetrant Inspection (PT) is used for detecting surface breaking defects, such as cracks or porosity. It utilises a penetrating liquid which is applied to the surface and is drawn into any discontinuity present. The excess penetrant is removed after a suitable period of time; the area is then dried and a white finely divided developer powder is carefully applied. The developer assists in drawing the residual penetrant from the discontinuities, thereby revealing their location.


We use both visible and fluorescent dye depending on customer requirements. Both penetrants are removed by  adjustable water spray. Our adjacent dark room provides practical viewing conditions for the fluorescent method and our work benches are highly illuminated using artificial white light in order to meet the standard required for the visible method. All items are dried using either our air circulating oven or lint free cloth depending on the size of the component. We carry out regular checks on the performance of the equipment such as penetrant contamination and lighting levels. To assist us in doing so we have various gauges and calibrated light meters for measuring white light and UV-A lighting intensity.


All our technicians are qualified to PCN level 2 with some also holding SNT-TC-1A level 2 qualifications.



  • Measuring Bridges

  • Steel Structures

  • Moving parts

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