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Ferrite testing is carried out by measuring the ferrillium count by the means of a small probe utilising the magnetic induction test method. This is where the ferrite content is obtained from the magnetic permeability.


The equipment we use to determine the ferrite content is the Fischer Feritscope FMP30, it is easily portable for both on site work or at our premises. We carry out performance checks on the equipment prior to testing using several calibration standards. This may include just one block with the nearest ferrite content to the items under examination or all blocks for a full calibration.


Ferrite testing can also be carried out on welds; it is a common requirement for austenitic or duplex stainless steel products. All of our technicians have completed a training course for the Fischer Feritscope covering various modules.



  • Measuring Bridges

  • Steel Structures

  • Moving parts

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