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Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) is a method of NDT which can only be used on ferromagnetic materials for the detection of surface breaking defects and slightly sub-surface defects. We offer MPI using both fluorescent inks and black inks. It is more common to use the visible method on site due to its practicality whereas it is common to use the fluorescent method at our premises, using one of our several dark rooms depending on the size of the components under examination.


We have the capacity to test a wide range of components from raw materials such as bar and plate to highly machined items including pipe fittings and bolting. The magnetising methods we have the ability to carry out include using portable electromagnetic yokes, which are used for both on site work and workshop based, using a permanent magnet for when no power source is available and at our premises using our bench unit for longitudinal defects and the rigid coil technique for transverse defects. The method we use would be determined by the component or by our customer's requirements.


All our technicians are qualified to PCN level 2 with some also holding SNT-TC-1A level 2 qualifications.



  • Measuring Bridges

  • Steel Structures

  • Moving parts

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