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For the reopening of the Cardiff Wyevale Garden Centre, a colossal spade was manufactured to mark the occasion and consequently created one of the UK's quirkiest selfie-spots.

The giant spade weighs around 8 tonnes, it measures 12.6 meters tall and its foundations are 2 meters deep. This is in fact taller that the world's official biggest spade which is currently situated in Gardenville, Texas which is 12.4 meters tall.

This structure was manufactured in the UK and required the expertise of many local tradesmen. ScanTech were brought in to ensure the safety and quality of the spades component joins, if there were any defects or discontinuities found in the processes used to assemble the components this would have significantly weakened the overall structure and consequently would have posed risks.

Centre manager at Cardiff Mike Greenwood said: “With the selfie craze sweeping the nation, what better addition to our garden centre than a towering giant spade to attract visitors from Cardiff and beyond – and we hope it becomes a symbol of our resilient garden centre."

Councillor Michael Costas-Michael commented: “The launch of Cardiff’s giant spade is another great development for the local economy, presenting a valuable opportunity to attract more visitors to the area."

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